Off the Beaten Island Track Rayong Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Off the Beaten Island Track Rayong

Off the Beaten Island Track Rayong Thailand Travel Guide Ko Kudee or Ko Kud is not well known among visitors due to its tiny size and lack of city entertainment. In my opinion, the clam is the charm of Ko Kudee. Registered as a part of Samet National Park in Rayong, Ko Kudee can be reached by either a speed boat from Samed Island, only 2.5 kilometres away, or from Suan Son beach off the coast of Rayong which is six kilometres adrift. Most of visitors do not stay overnight at the island because there is no drinking water nor public bathrooms, only toilets are available. For those who are there for the day, they usually spend time snorkeling and sun bathing, we were told by our tour guide. The main attraction, the guide added, was the natural beauty of the island and crystal clear water, while the beach was sandy white and clean.

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Celebrate among the Mon Samut Prakan Thailand Travel Guide

Celebrate among the Mon Samut Prakan Thailand Travel Guide The Phra Pradaeng Songkran Festival differs from others in that it begins tomorrow, then continues until April 20. Phra Pradaeng Songkran Festival was originally called “Songkran Pak Lat” and is an ancient tradition of Thais of Mon ancestry. Among the highlights: a grand procession of floral floats carrying beautiful maidens dressed in a traditional Mon or Raman costumes, and the parade in which each village’s own “centipede” flag is carried in procession. There will be ladies dressed in Mon costume holding jars of fish and birdcages. The women will be flanked by men in sarongs and collarless shirts, with cloths draped round their necks, all of which is in the Mon style. It’s also a rare chance to see traditional Raman games such as saba, a pitch-and-toss game played with beans. Various indigenous games of Raman origin will be staged in designated villages from 8.30pm to noon. For details, contact the Phra Pradaeng Municipality office Education section at (02) 463-4841, extension 129-130.

The Allures of Satun Thailand Travel Guide

The Allures of Satun Thailand Travel Guide Almost inconspicuous, this five-room resort is ideally located and offers visitors the opportunity to explore Satun's jungles, waterfalls and its pristine limestone rock and cave formations that thus far haven't been easily accessible to the general tourist. The resort should appeal to travellers who love nature and are prepared to forsake the comforts of modern lifestyle available elsewhere but deliberately left out here. While a lot of travellers head for Tarutao and its satellite islands, the rest of Satun remains out of tourists' way. At least, that is what Joel Desmoulins found out when he first arrived in Satun ten years ago. This year he decided to settle down and bring to the fore the latent charms of the province.

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