Elephant Event In Lampang Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Elephant Event In Lampang

Elephant Event In Lampang Thailand Travel Guide To raise funds for the care and upkeep of Thailand’s favourite animal, the Satoke for Elephant Fair has been put on by the Thai Elephants Conservation Centre every year since 1996. The Satoke banquet will be held this weekend in Lamphang and will feature a khantoke Northern-style meal in an exotic setting, with elephant shows and even concerts performed by the talented pachyderms. Other activities include the Satoke parade, the feeding of the elephants, cultural performances and folk music. Proceeds from the event go towards elephant care and elephant conservation projects. Every ticket purchased is a coupon for free bananas to feed the elephants. For more details, contact the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre at (054) 229 042.

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Unity in Religious Diversity Bangkok Thailand Travel Guide

Unity in Religious Diversity Bangkok Thailand Travel Guide Acruise on the Chao Phraya, as it snakes its way around Bangkok, offers an interesting glimpse of life by the river and some very distinct signs pointing to the religious diversity that still flourishes along its banks. These places of worship representing different faiths have co-existed incredibly well and provided their followers and the communities in which they were built with the needed moral support and spritual guidance. It's surmounted with a tower and dome. The walls of the church are decorated with semi-circular stained glass windows. There are Corinthian pillars. Surrounding the church is the Christian community and Santa Cruz Convent School. The Portuguese finally left but they left behind their legacy. There is a stall selling sweets in an alley next to the church. A lot of us eat them taking it for granted that they are authentically Thai. They are, ofcourse, Portuguese.

Chiang Mai Culture Feted Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide

Chiang Mai Culture Feted Chiang Mai Thailand Travel GuideBung Tha Dton Payom Market on Suthep Road will be the venue for the annual Chiang Mai Arts and Culture Festival, which runs from April 1 to 9. The event both promotes and encourages the preservation of Chiang Mai’s cultural heritage for future generations in many local villages in the province. Highlights include demonstrations of activities from the Lanna period, stalls selling various local items and northern food. For more details, contact TAT Northern Region Office 1 at (053) 248604, (053) 248607.

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